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Quinks is available in three versions:

  • Quinks Game - a great way to spend some quality time with others, and build stronger relationships. It's a great tool for forward-thinking leaders to have in their toolkit and also a different way to spend some time with friends and family.
  • Quinks Digital Kit - perfect to run virtual team-building sessions and online leadership development workshops which are highly interactive, immersive and meaningful. Includes all the materials you need to facilitate online workshops.
  • Quinks Facilitators KitPerfect for anyone who runs in-person and virtual workshops, such as Facilitators, Trainers, and L&D Professionals. Includes all the materials you need to facilitate online or in-person workshops.

Detailed Inclusions List


Quinks Game

Digital Kit

Facilitator Kit



Up to 16

Up to 16

Physical Materials

Yes - for up to 4 players

40 Cards, 60 Values Tokens, 4 Quinks Values Maps, 3 Sand Timers and Gameplay Instructions 


Yes  - for up to 16 players

160 Cards, 240 Values Tokens, 16 Quinks Values Maps, 3 Sand Timers, 1 Quinks Stress Ball, 1 Whistle

Access to Quinks Digital




Workshop Toolkit




About the Workshop Toolkit

Contains all the guides and materials you need to deliver an awesome game-based learning workshop using Quinks. Includes materials to run:

  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Workshops
  • Team Connection Workshops
  • Meaningful energiser and icebreaker activities

Includes editable materials so you can integrate your own tools and models where needed.


Delivery Info and guarantee

Quinks takes about 7-10 days for delivery within Australia (flat fee $15 AUD) and 10-14 days for the Rest of the World (flat fee $30 AUD).

If you are not happy with your purchase of Quinks we will refund you 100% of the price you paid. No quibbles. Just return it within 14-days of receiving the game (in good condition) and we'll process the refund.


Quinks is a fun, interactive and playful way to bring people together. The embedded lessons in powerful questioning and curious listening made it a super effective training tool for facilitators like me!
Shelly, Leadership Facilitator

Quinks is a fantastic, unique way of blending learning with fun. It’s a great tool to create stronger, ongoing connections within teams that do not occur in the day to day corporate environment.
Wendy, People Leader

Quinks is a valuable game that stimulates reflection, communication and connection to better understand yourself and others.  
Felicity, Facilitator and Psychologist

Quinks is an accessible, fun and a thought-provoking way of engaging with people at a meaningful level.  I loved it, highly recommend.  
Krisha, Business Psychologist