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Quinks Full Facilitators Kit (Physical +Digital)

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Quinks Full Facilitators Kit (Physical +Digital)

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This kit is designed for facilitators, trainers, L&D professionals and People & Culture specialists who want to build leadership capability and teach the foundations of great coaching skills.


  • Quinks Facilitators Kit (up to 16 players)
    • 160 Cards
    • 240 Values Tokens
    • 16 Quinks Values Maps
    • 3 Sand Timers
    • 1 Quinks Stress Ball
    • 1 Whistle
  • Quinks Digital to play Quinks as part of remote workshops and sessions 
  • Facilitators Digital Toolkit, with workshop slides+materials using Quinks to teach coaching, active listening, powerful questioning and values-based relationships. It's a workshop in a box!
  • Editable materials so you can integrate your own tools and models and use Quinks as part of a longer workshop
  • Team toolkit, including Quinks based games and activities you can run with teams to enhance connection and effectiveness