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Limited Edition Quinks Journal Kit

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Limited Edition Quinks Journal Kit

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The perfect item for people who love reflecting and journaling, and want to add some fun and variety to the mix.

The Quinks Journal Kit has everything a journaler needs to get better connected with themselves and their values. The kit adds variety, gameplay and depth to a journalers process.

The journaler starts by drawing a combination of Quink Question Cards (90 combinations in total). They reflect on the prompt, flip the timer and start journaling in the Quinks journal. Once they've finished writing, they connect with their values using the Quinks Values Map. Before finishing up with some forward-thinking and planning about how they can live in a more values-aligned way.

The Limited Edition Quinks Journal Kit comes with:

  • 1 x White Quinks Edition of the Moleskine® Volant Journal (96 Pages)
  • 40 x Quink Cards
  • 1 x Quinks Values Map
  • 20 x Quinks Values Tokens
  • 3 x Sand Timers
  • 1 x Purple Pen
  • 1 x Gift Box
  • 1 x Journal Instructions
  • 3 x Video Masterclass on Values