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The Origins of Quinks

The Origins of Quinks

I have run in excess of one hundred leadership development workshops and attended many, many more.  I’ve been subject to long tedious monologues from trainers and almost died a dozen deaths in front of a Powerpoint presentation.  In that time I’ve observed how different people learn, what they respond to in terms of training materials and what activities create lasting change.  What I know is that the introduction of game-based learning a few years ago into my own workshops gets an amazing response.  The feedback is always clearly that participants felt more included and engaged, they had more fun, and that they could retain the information better as a result.

So I did some reflecting on this situation and my desire is to enable more leaders, more facilitators, more trainers, to bring the power of game-based learning to their training courses and workplaces.

The best way to begin this journey was to amplify and box up one of the games I developed for my own training.  It teaches the key skills that leaders and coaches require: questioning and listening.

What fuelled the fire was a reflection on great personal and professional conversations that I had had in the past.  I noticed they all had things in common:

  • The person asked great, open, questions
  • They really listened to my answers and then flipped back the conversation in a way that gave me new insights about myself
  • The other person was interested in me as a whole being, not just Viren-at-work or Viren-at-home.

The game of Quinks replicates these attributes through both its structure and content, and the gamification makes it fun and accessible for everyone. And why the name Quinks? Questions that make you think :)