Develop the art of connection through gameplay

Available in physical and digital formats

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Develop the art of connection through gameplay

Available in physical and digital formats

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Connection is what makes us human.

Connection is the essential foundation for modern workplaces, great leadership and awesome teams. Great connection has a focus on understanding the whole of a person and what they value. These values drive strong relationships, motivation behaviour and action. But it’s not always easy to be in-the-moment, really tune-in and  understand what others value.

That’s where Quinks comes in.

Quinks is a simple and effective team and leadership development game.

It's a great way to bring interactivity and fun to your development workshops, team-building sessions, or one-on-ones. You can play Quinks both in-person or remotely.

The gameplay builds active listening and understanding, to help create a real sense of connection. These skills are essential for people leadership, coaching and team effectiveness.

A powerful tool for facilitators, trainers, learning and development specialists, and business leaders.

Quinks is perfect for those who want a fresh and progressive way to develop and connect with others. 

For internal specialists, it will save you the time and energy needed to create awesome and immersive learning experiences for your people.

For external specialists, it's a great tool to add to your repertoire. Quinks has been designed so you can easily build it into your own workshops. This will help you achieve the learning outcomes you need, all with a boost of gameplay and fun.

Learning outcomes with Quinks

Quinks has been specifically designed to facilitate learning outcomes against the following topics
People Leadership

⭐ Coaching Conversations

⭐ Values-Based Recognition and Motivation 

⭐ Building Trust and Values-Based Relationships 

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

⭐ Active Listening 

⭐ Asking Powerful Questions 

⭐ Understanding Individual Differences

Team Connection

⭐ Communication & Collaboration

⭐ Decision Making

⭐ Reward & Recognition


Quinks combines carefully crafted questions with contextual situations plus a values-mapping process. The gameplay develops true active listening and understanding, to help create a real sense of connection.

  • Ask a powerful question

    One person is assigned the role of Questioner, and the other the role of Answerer.

    The Questioner draws a Quinks card (a question card) and combines it with a Context card to create and ask a powerful question. This generates a deeper conversation to understand the whole of person.

  • Connect

    The Answerer spends three minutes answering the question. This amount of time allows for deeper responses than would ordinarily arise.

    The Questioner can’t interrupt them but can support them by asking good, powerful, follow-up questions at the right time.

    The Questioner then has to spend a minute reflecting back the response, which means they must really be present and actively listening. Players then swap roles.

  • Valuate

    Once both people have had their turn at being Answerer, they use the Quinks Values Map to convert what they heard into a representation of the other person’s values.  This helps us learn the art of reading between the lines when hearing people’s words and stories.

    Repeat this process a few times and at the end of the game, the values maps are shared with each other.  It’s a fantastic way of gaining better self-awareness and also increasing understanding of others.


Quinks is a fun, interactive and playful way to bring people together. The embedded lessons in powerful questioning and curious listening made it a super effective training tool for facilitators like me!  

Quinks is a fantastic, unique way of blending learning with fun. It’s a great tool to create stronger, ongoing connections within teams that do not occur in the day to day corporate environment.

Quinks is a valuable game that stimulates reflection, communication and connection to better understand yourself and others.  

Quinks is an accessible, fun and a thought-provoking way of engaging with people at a meaningful level.  I loved it, highly recommend.  

We loved playing Quinks and found it to be a super fun game that required us as partners to ask interesting questions, listen, probe and summarise answers to get a deeper connection and understanding of our own values. We contributed the conversation long after the game had finished.

Quink is a perfect game to get to know anyone - from a stranger to your soulmate.

Business Solutions

We have a range of business solutions to help your company benefit from the power of game-based learning

  • Business Learning Solutions

    We work together with companies to deliver awesome game-based learning programs using Quinks. These can be facilitated by us, or delivered using a train-the-trainer model. We also have close relationships with amazing facilitators all over Australia and the world.

    If you're looking for a exciting leanring solution get in touch with us, we'd love to talk more with you.

  • Bespoke Solutions

    Looking for a volume purchase or customised product solution based on Quinks?

    Get in touch with us, we'd love to talk with you.

  • Partnerships

    We work together with a range of like-spirited companies to help bring game-based learning, fun and connection into more workplaces and more lives. This includes affiliations and joint marketing ventures.

    If you want to discuss ideas, get in touch with us, we'd love to talk more with you.

Delivery info and guarantee

Quinks takes about 7-10 days for delivery within Australia (flat fee $15 AUD) and 10-14 days for the Rest of the World (flat fee $30 AUD). Delivery times may vary due to local postage and shipping conditions. For shipping outside of Australia please factor in additional customs fees, duties, taxes and charges that apply in your region, as we are not responsible for these fees.

If you are not happy with your purchase of Quinks we will refund you 100% of the price you paid (excluding shipping). No quibbles. Just arrange return of the game to us within 14-days of receiving it (in good condition) and we'll process the refund.

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