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A game to build deeper connection and people skills

Connection is a key part of what makes us human. It's the essential foundation for modern workplaces, great people leadership and awesome teams. Building connection requires people to ask great questions and really listen. Great connection has a focus on truly understanding the whole of a person and what they value. These values drive strong relationships, motivation behaviour and action. But it’s not always easy or comfortable to have those deeper conversations. To be in-the-moment and really tune-in.

That’s where Quinks steps in.

Quinks is a simple, interactive and effective team and leadership development game. It can be run online or in-person. It's a great way to bring interactivity and fun to your development workshops or team-building sessions.

Quinks combines carefully crafted questions with contextual situations plus a values-mapping process. The gameplay encourages true listening and understanding, to help create a real sense of connection. Skills which are essential for people leadership, coaching and team effectiveness.

Quinks is perfect for facilitators, leaders and L&D/HR/P&C professionals who want a fresh and progressive way to run their workshops and sessions. Experience Quinks in action at one of our free online events here.

Why the name QuinksQuestions that make you think :)

A powerful tool for facilitators, trainers, learning specialists, people and culture

The Quinks Facilitators Kit (available in digital and physical formats) is a powerful tool to help you run more interactive, engaging and effective workshops. 

For internal specialists it will save you the time and energy needed to create awesome and immersive learning experiences for your people.

For external specialists it's a great tool to add to your repertoire. Quinks has been designed so you can easily build it into your own workshops. This will help you achieve the learning outcomes you need, all with a boost of gameplay and fun.

Quinks can help facilitate learning outcomes against the following people skills:

⭐ People Leadership and Coaching

⭐ Active Listening

⭐ Asking Powerful Questions

⭐ Values-Based Recognition and Motivation

⭐ Whole-Person Focus

⭐ Building Values-Based Relationships

⭐ Team Effectiveness and Cohesion

⭐ Communication

Quinks Gameplay

Draw cards

One person is assigned the role of Questioner, and the other the role of Answerer. The Questioner draws a Quinks card (a question card) and combines it with a Context card to create and ask a powerful question, that generates a conversation to understand the whole of person.


The Answerer spends three minutes answering the question. This amount of time allows for deeper responses than would ordinarily arise. The Questioner can’t interrupt them, but can support them by asking good, powerful, follow-up questions at the right time.

The Questioner then has to spend a minute reflecting back the response, which means they must really be present and actively listening.


Once both people have had their turn, they use the Quinks Values Map to convert what they heard into a representation of the other person’s values.  This helps us learn the art of reading between the lines when hearing people’s words and stories.

Repeat this process a few times and at the end of the game the values maps are shared with each person.  It’s a fantastic way of gaining better self-awareness and also increasing understanding of others.

Buy Quinks

Delivery info and guarantee

Quinks takes about 7-10 days for delivery within Australia (flat fee $15 AUD) and 10-14 days for the Rest of the World (flat fee $30 AUD) .

If you are not happy with your purchase of Quinks we will refund you 100% of the price you paid. No quibbles. Just return it within 14-days of receiving the game (in good condition) and we'll process the refund.

Got questions? Please feel free to contact us on e-mail viren@inthegame.com.au or phone 0439 210 743.

What people are saying about Quinks (Swipe to view)

Quinks is a fun, interactive and playful way to bring people together. The embedded lessons in powerful questioning and curious listening made it a super effective training tool for facilitators like me! 

Shelley, Leadership Facilitator

Quinks is a fantastic, unique way of blending learning with fun. It’s a great tool to create stronger, ongoing connections within teams that do not occur in the day to day corporate environment.

Wendy, People Leader

Quinks is a valuable game that stimulates reflection, communication and connection to better understand yourself and others. 

Felicity, Facilitator & Psychologist

Quinks is an accessible, fun and a thought provoking way of engaging with people at a meaningful level.  I loved it, highly recommend.

 Krisha, Business Psychologist

Our Story

I have run in excess of one hundred leadership development workshops, and attended many, many more.  I’ve been subject to long tedious monologues from trainers and almost died a dozen deaths in front of a Powerpoint presentation.  In that time I’ve observed how different people learn, what they respond to in terms of training materials and what activities create lasting change.  What I know is that the introduction of game-based learning a few years ago into my own workshops gets an amazing response.  The feedback is always clearly that participants felt more included and engaged, they had more fun, and that they could retain the information better as a result.

So I did some reflecting on this situation and my desire is to enable more leaders, more facilitators, more trainers, to bring the power of game-based learning to their training courses and workplaces.

The best way to begin this journey was to amplify and box up one of the games I developed for my own training.  It teaches the key skills that leaders and coaches require: questioning and listening.

What fuelled the fire was a reflection on great personal and professional conversations that I had had in the past.  I noticed they all had things in common:

- The person asked great, open, questions

- They really listened to my answers and then flipped back the conversation in a way that gave me new insights about myself

-The other person was interested in me as a whole being, not just Viren-at-work or Viren-at-home.

The game of Quinks replicates these attributes through both its structure and content, and the gamification makes it fun and accessible for everyone. And why the name Quinks? Questions that make you think :)

Quinks In Action